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Meet the Horses

Meet Our Family

Experience a tour of the beauty and history of downtown Charleston from underneath the awning of one of our horse-drawn carriages. Listen to the clip-clop of our highly trained draft horses and the rich stories told by your guide as you are lead through a time of revolution and splendor.

Our draft horses are recognizable by their tall stature and muscular build with strong hindquarters best suited to pulling heavy loads. For these 2000 pound animals, pulling a carriage full of sightseers is comparable to a person casually riding a bicycle.

Before settling into their comfortable lives as carriage horses, most of our horses spent their days as working animals on Amish farms. These gentle natured horses are ideal for pulling carriages and are taught to ignore the sounds of the city streets, following the directions they are given through the reigns.

All of our horses are provided the best care and lifestyle possible and are consistently under the care of equine veterinarians. Our horses are rotated during the day and are given a minimum of 30 minutes to rest in between tours and are limited to 4 tours per day, 5 days per week.

All of our horses spend 8 weeks downtown to ensure they get enough exercise and don’t become overweight and taken to the pasture outside of town for 2 weeks to roam and relax as they please.


Rembrandt, Carolina Carriage Horse


Picasso, Carolina Carriage Horse


Yamassee, Carolina Carriage Horse

Gibbes, Picasso, Riley & Carolina

horses in their cleaning stalls